3 Big Mistakes You Could Be Making in Your Recruitment Process

Every employer knows that recruiting, though necessary, is neither an easy nor a welcome experience. Not only can it cost you time and money but there’s a lot riding on the final decision. Make the right appointment and your business will benefit, but make the wrong one and it may suffer. These pressures create the perfect conditions for making mistakes.  Thankfully, some of them are fairly common and we have advice on the best ways to avoid them.


Poor Job Description

Starting the process without a comprehensive and accurate job description is like embarking on an unfamiliar journey with neither sat nav, road maps or a clear destination. If you don’t have a clear understanding of precisely what duties need fulfilling and which skills they will require, how can you make an effective judgment of a candidate’s suitability?

If you can’t describe the job accurately you are unlikely to attract applicants who have all the right attributes. To help define this, you must be able to describe the role to your colleagues. A collective understanding as to exactly what you are looking for will help to promote consensus in decision-making. Anyone involved in the process – including external recruiters – will be able to contribute more fruitfully when the objective is clear.

Moreover, your expectations of your new employee will be commensurate with the reality of their skills, thus reducing the chances of confusion later on. Clear Recruitment offers clients expert help on the fundamentals of identifying and, if necessary, researching the qualities needed to fill a vacancy or new post. We can also help articulate exactly what the role entails. Delineating and communicating this information is essential and we can show you how it should be done.



An Over-Extended Procedure

Another of the biggest recruiting mistakes is to let the selection process drag on interminably. There is an understandable temptation to revisit the process repeatedly, since the decision is such an important one, but the laws of attrition are against you.

For one thing, the longer you take, the longer a key vacancy remains unfilled, with the attendant impact on profitability and productivity. For another, the most skilled and confident candidates are likely to be decisive individuals who react with disapproval to what appear to be needless delays. As a result, they may lose interest in your company and move on.

Don’t forget, the more time you take, the more room you give to competitors or even a candidate’s existing employers to make counter-offers. You could lose the initiative and as a result, a highly qualified applicant. Furthermore, in a world awash with social media, word can travel fast about poor experiences in the hiring process at your company which will damage your reputation among candidates.

We can help you structure a thorough process, keeping the number of interviews to an absolute minimum, reducing the time between them, ensuring communication is fast and transparent, using automated technology to accelerate administrative processes and keeping you on the fast track to the right hire.



Waiting for Perfection

Whilst a comprehensive job description, and an ideal of who your ideal candidate is are important elements of the process, don’t get bogged down in looking for a perfect match. Near-perfection can be more than enough to produce an excellent outcome. You may not find someone who meets every single criterion, but if you have someone in mind who is 95% there, then waiting for the probably impossible 100% will be a big misjudgment.

Use your job description as a guide but don’t be enslaved by it. There is always room for instinct. The war-time inventor of Britain’s hastily assembled early warning radar system wisely said: ‘Give them the third best to go on with; the second best comes too late, the best never comes’.


The recruiting experts at Clear Engineering Recruitment can give you invaluable guidance throughout the difficult final stages of decision-making in order to make sure you don’t miss out on hiring someone eminently qualified simply because they have left a box or two unticked. Contact us today-


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