3 common mistakes to avoid when recruiting

Right now, there is a significant challenge within the tech and engineering disciplines which is creating problems in every major industry. A shortage of people with the right technical skills and experience means that many organizations are struggling to attract the right candidates whilst retaining quality employees is also proving difficult for many.

This candidate-led market is undoubtedly challenging to navigate successfully. There are many companies that risk hurting their prospects of acquiring the best talent by using a hiring process that isn’t fit for purpose.


One- An Vague Job Description

Many businesses get hung up on the job title rather than what is actually required to do the work. A job description which doesn’t clearly convey what the position involves will immediately turn off many candidates. Before you start the hiring process, take the time to clarify just who you are looking to recruit.


Start out by getting a clear overview of the vacancy and list the key responsibilities and tasks the role entails. Consider where the role fits into your overall business hierarchy. Determine who is above and below the position in the chain of command as well as any other departments with which the successful candidate will need to liaise. Think about what you will need from the ideal candidate:

– their essential skill set

– their experience

– any relevant qualifications


Include vital soft skills such as leadership qualities or the ability to problem solve under pressure.


Two- Failing To Source Applicants

It’s no longer enough to simply post a job advert and sit back and wait for the applications to start rolling in. In a candidate-driven job market such as this, businesses must be more proactive and get their key vacancies out to the right candidates. This means making use of professional networks, reaching out to potential talent and encouraging existing staff to act as “brand ambassadors” who can promote your data center as a great place to work.


It’s essential to pay attention to your company culture and the way that your brand is perceived by professionals in the industry. A business that is widely regarded as a positive place to work will naturally attract the finest talent, making recruitment a lot easier. You can start by building a positive narrative across social media accounts, showing why your organisation makes a great employer. Obvious highlights include encouraging diversity and inclusivity, a commitment to environmentally-friendly initiatives, supporting professional development and offering superb prospects for career progression.


Three- An Unwieldy Interview Process

Unfortunately, many businesses let themselves down at the final hurdle, namely the interview stage. Take too long with this process and you risk losing talented candidates to a competitor or simply to frustration. Of course, interviews are essential in refining your shortlist and clarifying any queries about a candidate’s skills or experience but do try to keep the process as lean as possible.

Trying to restrict all in-person elements of the interview stage to a single day can be beneficial. Candidates will appreciate not having to take repeated days away from their current position. In addition, ensuring that the same interviewers are involved throughout avoids pointless repetition of questions across elements of the interview stage. Senior roles requiring more than one conversation can be pre-screened by video call prior to any in-person interviews.


Finally, once the interviews are over, get back to your chosen candidate fast. Leaving it too long risks them taking another offer in the meantime, putting your business back at square one.


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