3 Things to do Today to Attract Better Talent !

The data sector in the UK is experiencing phenomenal growth. A report commissioned by the Royal Society describes it as ‘explosive demand’ [1]. While average jobs growth has been 36% over five years, in the same period the data industry has seen demand triple. In some areas, it has risen by over 500% and salaries have increased by an average of 22%. It has become the very definition of a candidate’s market.


The challenge of not only attracting the best talent but also retaining staff are major concerns for any business that runs a data centre. Whether a company needs to implement a scalability programme or is simply experiencing growth, human resources are key. Businesses can adopt many strategies but here are just three of the most fruitful responses to the situation.


Focus on Company Culture

Where in normal times candidates were expected to sell themselves, now it is more common that you will have to sell your company to them. That means starting by thoroughly reviewing the culture of your organisation and asking yourself what really matters to employees. If you have a contented, productive workforce then you’re probably getting things right but there is always room for improvement. Work-life balance is crucial, even in the most high-pressure industries, and if a competing employer can deliver this, you need to out-perform them.


But more than this, candidates will be attracted by an environment where initiative is encouraged, commitment is rewarded and potential is recognised. This can be done with tangible benefits including performance bonuses but also by making the environment a place that is inviting and inclusive. Don’t forget that potential employees will see an inherent value in working for a company that has a pioneering approach to its work in the data sector: if you can make clear that your business objective is to be a market leader in data technology and analysis then a candidate serious about a career in the sector is far more likely to see you as a perfect match.


Market yourself

Having satisfied yourself that you have the right offer, you need to market your business to the talent pool just as you would to your client base. Word of mouth and referrals from current employees should always be encouraged: your data professionals will have their own networks to call on.  There are also online tools in abundance, not just conventional job boards but every social media platform.


LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram make it possible to present a candidate-friendly profile and connect with potential employees in genuine conversation by inviting responses and asking questions.  Linking all posts back to your website ensures you can provide valuable written resources covering not just important aspects of the data sector but of the specific achievements and plans of your own company. It’s the recruiting equivalent of getting your record played on primetime radio and it communicates your message in the way you want it to be heard.


Know what your ideal hire looks like

Another very useful practice is the building of employee avatars. Knowing you need to recruit isn’t the same as knowing whom you need to recruit. You’re offering a great job in an exceptional environment, but you need to identify the kind of candidate who will fit well into that. A careful, comprehensive analysis of what would make the perfect employee will make the recruitment process immeasurably easier, the interview procedure more productive and is certain to yield better results.


At Clear Engineering Recruitment, we understand the pressures that fiercely rising demand places on employers. We are committed to helping our clients achieve the best possible outcomes in their search for the best new talent in the dynamic and ever-expanding data centre sector. With our advice, expertise and guidance you can build ideal employee profiles, construct highly effective job adverts, access the very best talent available and build the most attractive offer.


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