5 signs it is time for a new job

Leaving a job is never an easy thing to do, and if you are fairly cozy in your current position, It can sometimes seem impossible, even if things are not great! You go back and forth constantly in your mind, knowing you are not happy or satisfied, you start searching, to which your employer eventually finds out, then boom, pay rise. Or maybe it’s because it pays the bills and you are good at what you do, so why leave? Right? WRONG! I am going to go through our top five tips on how to know when is the right time to leave that job!

Career Development

Firstly, progression, If you are feeling stuck and do not feel your current company meets your progressionary needs as a person and also, as an employee, then this a huge reason to potentially start your search. Employees want opportunities for advancement, In a Survey recently published, 87% of millennials reported that job development is important to them.

Flexible Employers

One thing covid-19 showed us was how people can not only work from home, but also just how much working from home allowed people to increase their work load and still have that work life balance, Having an employer that understands your needs and requirements as an person as well as an employee is important, This helps all employees maintain a healthy work life balance and can help employers improve the productivity and efficiency of their business.


To some a job may just be a job, it may just be to pay the bills! But it is also where you spend the majority of your years, working toward your targets, goals. A job you have passion for and enjoy is proven to increase productivity and motivation as it is activated by your own desires, How much you enjoy your job primarily effects your mental health, as doing something you do not enjoy daily will eventually start to consume on you, On the other hand doing something you enjoy waking up for in the morning can help you not only feel better but can even be an escape from any main life issues.

New hires

Company’s expanding and growing as workloads gain is extremely important, To an extent, employers when necessary should be hiring members of staff as work loads increase. You start to notice as members of staff leave, they are not being replaced, work loads are being passed on to current members of staff instead of new recruits and before you know it your wondering if you missed the memo? Once you start noticing a pattern of unhappy co-workers or frequent departures without the employees being replaced, It may be time for you to start updating your CV and seeking other options.


We all have some level of stress in our lives at some point, but too much stress at work can cause serious health issues. Stress can come from many areas, not just from the role itself but from the whole working environment. Bosses and colleagues can be a big influence here – attitudes and leadership styles can lead to a toxic environment, stamping out any prospect of job satisfaction. It can even make you feel like an outsider and that you don’t fit in anymore.

Overall, Starting at a new employer is a big risk, and there will always be valid reasons to stay put, change is scary, not knowing if the grass will be greener is also very scary. But it’s important to remember, A job does not just pay the bills, it is where you spend the majority of your week! So if any of these points apply to you, even in the slightest, think about yourself and what you can do to change this.