Brexit – the truth about the effects on your recruitment

The Immediate Impact

Brexit has resulted in far-ranging changes; some have been introduced as a gradual transition and others with more immediate effect. Recruitment is one area that has been hit with a slew of abrupt changes. It has been impacted by the immediate loss of passporting rights, loss of freedom of movement within the EU for UK nationals and the loss of mutual recognition of professional qualifications and equivalence status for all professions except medicine.

Furthermore, there is uncertainty about the continuation of aligned data provisions with Europe, and businesses must get to grips with a new points-based system for sponsoring new workers from Europe and the EEA. The UK currently suffers from a skills shortage, and with fewer EU workers, this shortage could drastically increase, putting pressure on a diverse range of industries.

The Reality

As a company, we have seen first-hand the struggles that are being experienced by many within the sector. Last year we recruited many UK citizens into the busy EU market. However, we are now seeing the need to adapt to a situation where those positions are now being filled with EU passport holders. This has a huge impact on the market.

It’s important to note that Brexit, and our leaving the agreements associated with the European Union does not mean that the EU in itself has gone anywhere. The reality is, the EU is coming to the UK, with a host of blue collar skills able to fill the hands-on engineering positions. This has served to ramp up what is already a highly competitive market, especially within London.

Forward Planning for Your Future

Now is a good time to review whether you have access to a strong talent pool for workers from the UK, or whether you will need to acquire a sponsorship license to continue to recruit from Europe. In addition to hiring considerations, it is vitally important to consider your company’s learning and development focus as part of your wider strategic workforce planning in order to combat the UK’s skills and labour shortage. Careful forward planning is key to ensure your company stays abreast of the new system.

As competition for skilled candidates continues to dominate the industry, it’s vitally important to ensure your company has a tight recruitment schedule, robust hiring practices and is offering the best packages and associated benefits possible. You cannot afford to miss out on the best talent due to poor planning, organisation or unrealistic budgets.

Accessing High Calibre Candidates

Here at Clear Recruitment, we aim to take the stress out of the hiring process, sourcing the best candidates for your business’ requirements. We have specialist knowledge and experience in sourcing exceptional candidates from both the UK and overseas. Our candidate network is global, offering you access to high calibre engineering and technical workers worldwide. Whichever direction your business wishes to take regarding hiring post-Brexit, you can be sure that our service will meet your specific requirements.

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