Get that job you deserve today

Are you feeling overworked and under-appreciated? Is everyone else climbing the promotional ladder except you? Then it could be time for a change of career. Landing your dream job can be an incredible achievement but it won’t just fall in your lap. Defining the job you’d love to do is the first step in going out and getting it. After all, the job you deserve is out there, but you need to become the right person to give yourself the best shot at the career you want. Write your own dream job description and then look for a role that matches it.

So, how can you stand out in a competitive job market? We can’t promise you’ll achieve your goal overnight, but these four tips on getting the job you want will help you make a great start.


Improve your skills and qualifications

Getting back into education is one of the best ways to start working towards your ideal role. The fact you’re prepared to work on your skills and qualifications is appealing to recruiters who are always looking for candidates with the relevant experience and knowledge.

Of course, you don’t have to drop everything and go back to college. Taking refresher courses is a great way to boost your skills, knowledge and self-confidence.

Start by focusing on any gaps you feel you have. For example, if lockdown has exposed a gap in your digital skills, then take an accredited course. Next, focus in on your dream job and determine what you need to offer prospective employers so your CV shines.


Make your application stand out

Strengthening your CV is a great way to set yourself apart in today’s intensely competitive job market. After all, if you don’t sell yourself, your application might never cross a hirer’s desk.

Putting together a killer CV and covering letter is one of the best ways to set yourself up for getting that ideal job. Highlight soft skills such as your ability to work well in a team and give strong examples of volunteering and organizing that back them up. If you’re doing a conversational Spanish class, that could differentiate you from the other candidates.

You can go even further in creating an impact. Highlighting your skills and achievements through your own website is a great way to set yourself apart from other potential candidates. Sites like WordPress make it easy to create a professional looking site to showcase your personal brand. Even if you’re naturally shy, your own website offers a great way to demonstrate what you have to offer.


Take (and make) your opportunities

You need to think of yourself as a one-person business when it comes to getting the job you deserve. Always carry a business card and view every event as an opportunity to network and introduce yourself.

Taking and making opportunities is all about doing your research. Find out where vacancies are advertised in your chosen industry. Research what it takes to fit into the team, and the goals, ethos and USP of your dream employers.

If you’re looking to break into a new career and land your ideal job, you need to be prepared to make opportunities for yourself. Setting up a business or doing voluntary work can help you to improve your knowledge and soft skills and give you valuable experience.


Dress for success

It might seem like a cliche but first impressions count in business. Investing in the way you look and backing it up with the way you behave is vital when you’re on the hunt for that new job.

After all, you never know when you’re going to meet someone who can help with your career search.


Clear Engineering Recruitment can help you get the job you deserve

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