How a talent partner could spell the end to your recruitment problems

The vital cogs in any business are its people, and recruiting and retaining the most talented, loyal and dedicated people is what makes a business successful. Firms that continually employ strategies for building their business, improving their culture and satisfying their staff find that they thrive in a busy and ever-changing environment, adapting to market changes, updated legislation and new requirements.


However getting it right, keeping your staff motivated and interested whilst fulfilling all of your business objectives is a time consuming and difficult task. And if one of those fully trained and experienced people leave, replacing them with someone of equal caliber can be incredibly challenging, especially when there are deadlines to meet.



Internal HR Department

Many large organizations in the tech industry have their own HR department specifically to deal with the flux and churn associated with hiring, retaining and rewarding staff. An internal HR department can be very helpful for managing payroll and staff training, and having HR staff embedded in the organization also gives those personnel the opportunity to develop their understanding of the objectives, deliverables and culture, standing them in good stead for fielding enquiries from prospective candidates during a recruitment campaign.


Having an internal HR department is also helpful if your main retention strategy is that of internal moves, ensuring that staff remain engaged and motivated and are given the opportunity to progress their career within the organization.


An internal HR department is less successful, however, when those personnel are double-hatted, and expected to perform multiple roles in order to save money or to keep personnel fully occupied during quiet times. Running a recruitment campaign is time consuming and expensive, taking up to seven weeks from advert launch to having someone in post, and that is assuming the preferred candidate turns up! If your HR department is trying to manage payroll, staff training, arrange internal moves and run an external campaign, it is likely that something will give.


Another downside to having an internal HR department is the tendency to stick with the currently implemented HR strategy, even if it is not working as well as would be desired. An internal HR department that reports to the same management chain as the personnel they are employed to manage is less likely to challenge the status quo and propose innovative new solutions and strategies that could streamline the HR processes and ultimately save the business money, either due to a fear of failure or due to a lack of exposure to alternative business practices.



Talent Partner

Many small to medium sized enterprises have already embraced the use of talent partners to manage their HR requirements, and larger businesses are quickly beginning to understand why. Talent partners are HR specialists who are continually exposed to evolving best practice, innovative new solutions, bespoke technologies and feedback from a multitude of different businesses and industries which allows them to quickly adapt to the changing business landscape and deliver a tailored and bespoke HR service with a high probability of success.


Talent partners can provide an impartial and independent assessment of a business’ HR function and processes, make recommendations to improve and streamline the service, support recruiting, develop tailored strategies aimed at improving shortfalls within the business’ HR function, including developing a retention strategy and supporting a business to implement resource smoothing for more effective planning.

A talent partner can help businesses to access a talent pipeline of vetted and approved job hunters on both a permanent or contract basis, supporting the business in achieving its objectives without a lengthy or expensive campaign.


To find out how a talent partner could help your business to thrive, please contact Clear Recruitment. We would be very pleased to showcase our offerings and explain how we can support your business to develop appropriate strategies and tools to reduce your overheads, improve retention and plan for the future.


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