How Hard Is It To Recruit A Tech Ops Manager In The Data Center Industry?

Thanks to the growing importance of cloud computing, data centers are an integral part of the IT sector. And the rapid rate of expansion in this area means that those professionals with the skills needed to work as tech ops managers in this field are in hot demand. The result is a candidate led jobs market in which talented candidates hold all of the cards when it comes to finding their next role.


A Vital Role

Of course, the role of tech operations manager is crucial to the smooth running of any center, and the right person needs to be able to offer an impressive array of skills. They need to ensure efficiency and seamless workflows, setting budgets and schedules, and creating targets and guidelines for staff. This all means that organizational skills, along with solid operational business knowledge, must be supplemented by an ability to think fast and solve problems creatively, all while being able to communicate effectively with different colleagues across a range of departments.


There’s no doubt that all of this makes for a demanding job. But those who take on such a position can also enjoy plenty of career benefits, including excellent scope for further progression.


A Recruitment Challenge

Finding the right calibre candidates to take on this pivotal role is proving a significant challenge for many organizations in this sector. In fact, 50% of centers cited difficulties in recruiting the right people for their key vacancies [1],


The reason for this may be traced back to a number of factors, including the shortage of professionals with the necessary skills and experience. Plus, there are high salary expectations and the need to provide demonstrable job security can present a difficulty for recruiters. Finally, an inefficient recruitment process can itself be off-putting to applicants, leading them to drop out of the race.


Finding The Solution

Thankfully, there are ways to overcome the challenges in hiring a tech ops manager. Be clear about the routes available for candidates to progress, and offer clear opportunities for further training and qualifications. This will help you to connect with professionals who are concerned with their long term tech career. Highlighting a positive workplace culture will also help your enterprise to stand out from the crowd.


It also pays to diversify where you hunt for the ideal candidate. Looking to your network or schools can help you to identify up-and-coming talent who may be under-represented in the data center industry, or simply unaware of the benefits of working in this field. Studies have shown that only one out of three centers actively works to recruit female talent, which means that many are missing out on a huge untapped source of talent [2].


It is also wise to consider people who may not come from a conventional educational or tech background, but who have transferable skills and experience.


Finally, don’t overlook the latest tech advances, which can help you identify quality candidates quickly whilst streamlining the recruitment process to fill your vacancies quickly.


Partner With A Recruitment Specialist

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