How The New Fibre Connection Will Affect The UK Workforce

With the UK Government outlining plans to see at least 85% of premises given access to gigabit broadband by 2025 [1], it’s clear that exciting new opportunities will soon be presented to the country’s workforce as a whole. This project is a much-needed upgrade to our current internet infrastructure, whereby at present 95% of those receiving superfast broadband are accessing it via a combination of fibre and copper networks.

New installations of full-fibre networks and high-speed cable broadband, along with the roll-out of 5G coverage, will see UK businesses and homes able to enjoy the benefits of even faster broadband, with download speeds of a minimum of 1 Gigabit per second.


A Growing Reliance On The Web

Whilst those who enjoy streaming TV shows or are keen gamers will undoubtedly welcome the proposed upgrades, this improved internet speed will be of particular benefit to business owners. After all, the world of work has become increasingly digitised over the last decade, and no industry or sector can be considered unaffected.

Whilst the events of the Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdown periods have accelerated many organisations’ move to a more online presence, the future is clearly one whereby reliance on high-quality broadband access and technology will be essential for the execution of everyday basic business functions.


The Effects Of Poor Connectivity

At present, workplaces which do not enjoy high speed, reliable broadband are finding themselves beset by a myriad of problems. Inability to access key files or processes, coupled with slow download speeds, is leading to reduced productivity and feelings of frustration both in the office and at home.

Indeed, remote workers have struggled with inadequate home broadband which has caused almost 90% of home workers to lose 30 valuable minutes per working day [2], with 12% losing a whole hour thanks to slow internet speeds and lack of a reliable service. The resulting cost to organisations and the wider economy is believed to be significant.


Better Service Promises Benefits

With the better connectivity promised by the Government’s new plans, there will be significant benefits for employers and employees alike. The ability to work productively and efficiently away from the office will improve the viability of remote and flexible working schedules, which can open up new employment opportunities for those who may have been previously limited by their location, domestic commitments or other factors.

With 23% of workers now stating that they would choose an employer which allowed remote working over one that mandated an entirely office-based presence, the improved broadband infrastructure will make it more practical for organisations to accommodate this preference. There will also be an effect on the types of employment offered by firms, such as gig, freelance, or outsourced personnel, when remote working is a real and viable option.


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