How to attract talent to your data center management team

No matter what line of business your organization may be operating in, the truth remains that you can only ever be as good as the people you have on your team. This, of course, means that it’s imperative to focus on attracting the very best talent available, but it’s equally important to take steps to retain them.

And successful talent attraction doesn’t happen by chance. With around 40%1 of US companies outsourcing part or all of their recruitment process – you can see the race for top talent is in full swing.


So, how do you get ahead? here are some simple tips which you should always keep in mind when you’re creating a job advert:

Do your prep – Use tools like Glassdoor to research standard salaries for the position you are trying to fill and be upfront about salaries and packages.

Don’t be vague – You shouldn’t use vague terms like “competitive salary” – because a lot of applicants will scroll past if they don’t get the information they need right away.


Promote your culture

A poor culture fit is the number one reason2 for people leaving a role, and the cost of recruiting is not cheap. So, choosing the right talent is even more imperative. Discuss the culture in the business and the type of person that would be a good fit. Use social media or other marketing tools to promote your company culture and values to attract more aligned talent.

Use your team to promote roles

Remember the network and who you know – your team are the best people to explain the benefits of working for you and what makes them happy about their role; testimonials and promotional descriptions from the team can seal the deal for a jobseeker.


Use a professional

The right recruitment advice can make all the difference between endless applications and finding the perfect candidate that will lift your whole team to the next level, regardless of the position you’re trying to fill.


Be open-minded

Having an open mind and looking for talents you may not have considered before is the key to employers’ success. It is important to consider other industries that have transferable elements and skills you may be able to utilise in your business.


Be flexible

Working from home (WFH) becomes more common, and organizations’ networking teams need to find ways to support this kind of structure formally and permanently. One of the most popular approaches is called the branch of one, which involves providing networking and security functions to remote workers via devices. A company can also reimburse employees for access to the internet and a WAN for their primary or backup connections


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