How to attract the right candidate for your technical job vacancy

When it comes to recruiting top talent, finding the ideal candidate for your technical job vacancy can seem like an impossible task. Follow our top tips to take the time and stress out of the recruitment process and find the perfect person for your role.


Be specific with job requirements

The first step when you have a vacancy to fill is to think about your ideal candidate. For a specialist technical job you’ll most likely be looking for candidates with essential qualifications, skills and experience, but it is also worth considering the personal attributes your candidate needs to have to fit in with your company culture. Consider the most successful hires you’ve made in the past for similar positions. The skills and personal qualities those employees have may be something you want to look for in your next employee.


Understand what candidates want

To attract and retain the best candidates you need to understand what they’re looking for from both the role and the business. Simply put, most candidates want to do work that interests them, in a company that aligns with their values, and be paid a reasonable salary. For some, there could be additional requirements –they may want flexible working, they may prefer to work alone, or with other people. It is important to understand the candidate’s requirements and whether your business is willing and able to fulfill them at an early stage of the recruitment process to ensure they’re a good fit with your business.


Portray the right company image

Making your job offer and company appealing to candidates can be a tricky task, but it is a vital part of the recruitment process. Ensure you highlight the strengths of your business and explain what you can offer the candidate and why they would want to work for you. Think beyond the salary to the training and development opportunities you can offer, company culture and social events, and your company’s brand values. It’s also worth asking current employees why they enjoy working for your business, they may highlight things you hadn’t even considered.


Use a specialist technical recruiter

It can be a time-consuming process to find the right candidate, especially if you’re looking to feel a specialist role. Working with a recruitment business that specialises in sourcing technical or engineering candidates will save you time and take the stress out of trying to fill your vacancy, so you can get on with running your business.

At Clear Engineering our recruiters have years of experience and extensive knowledge of your industries. We take time getting to know your business and the specific requirements of your role, so we can match it with the perfect candidate. Find out more about our services. Get in touch by contacting our recruitment team on 020 3355 4054 or via email


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