Net Zero in data centres – what businesses are signing up?

There is no denying that the planet is facing a number of critical challenges, and human industry is fuelling the rapid rate of destruction. From an increase in global temperatures, higher sea levels and the melting of the ice caps, through to the extinction of many species of animal and plants, it’s clear that the situation is looking bleak. Fortunately, environmental awareness is on the rise, with both the general public and large corporations recognising that the time to act is now. 
A Commitment To Net Zero 
Indeed, some companies have joined the UK government in pledging to become net zero enterprises. In simple terms, this means that the carbon emissions generated by an organisation are equal to, or less than, the carbon that the same organisation is removing or “offsetting” from the environment. It’s an excellent commitment that puts sustainability at the heart of corporate policies and operations and has been welcomed by employees as well as the wider public. 
Many of the best-known brands and businesses in the UK and worldwide have signed up to a net zero target. The list includes: 
British Airways 
The National Trust 
Indeed, this list shows just a fraction of the brands that have already made the commitment, and the total number of organisations signed up to net zero is growing all the time. 
Making The Data Centre Sustainable 
Whilst many companies and countries are taking control of climate change, there are still harmful levels of carbon being released around the world. The situation in China is particularly worrying, where data centres are predicted to quadruple their use of energy and thereby double their emissions by 2035. A survey by Greenpeace found that whilst China plans to move away from its current reliance on coal by 2060, the peak in emissions will already have caused untold environmental damage. 
Yet there are already great innovations in data centre technology which mean that our growing reliance on these hubs need not come at the expense of sustainability. 
A Question For Our Times 
In the full supply chain of build to management, should we be asking everyone to consider their emissions? Many businesses believe so, and it has partly been customer influence that has driven the new generation of more sustainable data centres. As well as helping organisations to meet their environmental pledges, the use of greener approaches to building and managing data centres brings much-needed benefits to the planet. 
It has been proven too that companies that demonstrate a commitment to fighting climate change are more attractive to prospective employees, making it an important factor in ensuring that brands are able to attract and retain the best talent available. 
The Sustainable Data Centre 
New cooling methods have allowed modern data centres to significantly reduce the amount of power needed to maintain a functional temperature for servers, whilst the use of renewable energy is also on the rise. The inclusion of recycled materials in the building process has also increased, and waste has been minimised in modern data centres, allowing for optimum energy efficiency. It’s clear that our growing demand for data processing and storage centres need not be accompanied by further environmental damage. 
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