What Is It Like Working In Management At A Data Center

The data center industry is seeing explosive growth at the moment. The value of the global data center market was $187.35 billion in 2020 with projections that it will reach over $517 billion by 2030. This represents a compound annual growth rate of over 10% through this decade [1].


A data center and the professionals working within it is now the beating heart behind the flow of data and information within and between businesses. With carefully managed cooling, resilience and security parameters, modern data centers are never without power and guard against accidental or intentional breaches of data security 24/7. The center’s technicians and data management team and central to this, with incredible career opportunities reflecting the scale of the responsibility.


Data Center Careers

With a wide variety of tech roles available, data centers offer an exciting career path for anyone with a keen interest in technology, computing and data management. Jobs in this environment include:

– IT technicians. Requiring a solid understanding of hardware and software tech stacks to continually monitor the systems to ensure that they are operating at the required capacity, reporting to the data owners and the data center manager. Involves regular software and hardware updates and addressing specific technical issues as required by their clients.

– Security staff. Data centers house large quantities of potentially sensitive data which has to be protected, as does the hardware on which it runs. As a result, there are many opportunities for security staff to hone their skills and experience in this demanding environment.

– Engineers. Data centers are notoriously power hungry, and cannot be allowed to go offline, not even for essential maintenance, so resilience and cooling measures are critical. Requires specialist engineering skills to ensure that data centers are always operating at maximum efficiency and within safe parameters.

– Maintenance staff. Even something as seemingly innocuous as dust can adversely impact the effectiveness of the systems so regular cleaning is essential, not only for the health of the systems housed within the data center but also for the staff who are working in the environment.

– Data center manager. Ultimately responsible for the professionals employed within the data center as well as for the systems, the Data Center Manager is also answerable to the clients whose data and servers they host. This demanding job requires excellent interpersonal and organizational skills and the ability to flex their priorities should unplanned events affect everyday activities.


One thing that all data center jobs have in common is the need to maintain high levels of consistency, even when working autonomously in a demanding, uncomfortable and noisy environment. Data centers are full of machines rather than people, so they can sometimes be a lonely place to work. Those who choose to work in them need to be self-motivated and content to work largely without oversight.


These qualities stand successful operatives in very good stead for work elsewhere in the industry, should they choose to move on. The ability to handle large quantities of sensitive data in a challenging atmosphere is a valuable, transferable skill that is highly sought after by recruiters in every business.


Support Available

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